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Wingdings 3, Regular (wingding3_fg.pfr)

The Font Name

For the font recorded in this PFR, use the font name "Wingdings 3" in your FONT tags or Cascading Style Sheet. Make sure to include the quotes.

Characters Available in this PFR

Here are the characters you chose for this PFR. If you do not see these characters in the correct font, press the Shift key on your keyboard while clicking the Reload button on your browser.



Setting Up Your HTML Page to Use this PFR

Remember to copy the following information (your LINK tag and the JavaScript code supporting our WebFont Player) and paste it between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags at the top of the HTML document you plan to upload to your web server:

<!-- Start link to PFR -->
<LINK REL=fontdef SRC="wingding3_fg.pfr">
<!-- End link to PFR -->
<!-- Start Bitstream WebFont Player support -->
<SCRIPT SRC="" TYPE="text/javascript">
<!-- End Bitstream WebFont Player support -->

(If you want to host WebFont Player on your web server, see the section at the end of this document.)

Uploading Your Page to Your Web Server

Upload your HTML page and its PFR to your web server. For the PFR, use binary (not ASCII/text) transfer mode. To protect against unauthorized use of your portable fonts, this PFR works only with HTML files at the following URLs:

Make sure you upload your HTML files to one of these URL directories (or subdirectories). This PFR does not work with HTML files hosted elsewhere.

About Web Fonts and Bitstream

For technical support, contact

For information about Bitstream and WebFont Maker, visit the Bitstream site at

For Those Who Prefer to Host the WebFont Player Locally

It is important to get the latest version of the WebFont Player referred to in the first section. You can download both the WebFont Player and its corresponding JavaScript file from the Bitstream web site,

The download comes with documentation. Refer to the documentation for details about hosting the WebFont Player.